Please, if you wish engraving place your entire order over the phone, do not place it online.
Once a phone order is placed, we email your receipt and engraving mockup for your approval. - Click to See
This allows you to see how the item will look, and only takes 24 hours or less.

That is why our website does not have provisions for entering engraving instructions or charges.

The above picture shows how our engraving looks on pewter.
To place your engraving order, please, call us at:
(800) 505-4148 - Mon-Fri from 8AM-4:30PM CST.

These are some of the fonts & styles available depending on product line.

Pdf files (clearest)
Boardman Fonts     Salisbury Fonts     Thomas Dale Fonts     Woodbury Fonts    

Jpg Files (if you can not open PDF fonts)
Boardman Fonts     Salisbury Fonts     Thomas Dale Fonts     Woodbury Fonts    

Hebrew Fonts
Hebrew Fonts

Prices quoted below may vary depending on size and quantity.
We send mock ups on engraving orders placed, prior to engraving for your approval.
Typical engraving turnaround is 2-3 days.

Logos or artwork runs (depending on complexity and size):
   $60.00 for setup from a JPG file
   $45.00 for setup from an EPS or Vectored file
   Cost of actual engraving, depends on size and complexity.

Simple lettering, monograms or initials run:
Setting up Initials or Monograms - Click to See.
    $26 per side Text or Monogram - Initials

Custom Engraving Examples

All sales on engraved products are final.

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