Pewter Care

  • Hand wash pewter that will be used with consumables before and after use, with a mild detergent, using a soft cloth to wash and a soft cloth towel to dry.
  • Do not expose pewter to direct flame, place in a microwave, or oven. Pewter melts at 440-470 degrees Fahrenheit. So don't let candles burn down to the cup in your candle holders.
  • Never wash in an automatic dishwasher.
  • Never wrap pewter directly in paper as it may scratch or stain the pewter. Wrap it first in plastic or foam, then paper if desired.
  • All pewter should not be used for long term storage of consumable liquids, but rather for immediate use (within the day). This avoids etching of the surface by any acids.

Note For Salt Shakers:
Placing a couple grains of rice in with the salt:

   Absorbs moisture
   Keeps salt from clumping
   Avoids corrosion.

Pewter takes little effort to ensure its beauty and appreciation.
Many feel it is the patina or age the gives the pewter its charm or worth..
That said, if you feel the need to renew the finish of pewter, on Satin or Scratch finished pewter, small scratches may be removed by lightly rubbing the surface with #0000 steel wool. Be sure to go with the grain. Try on an inconspicuous spot first.
On Bright or Polished finish pewter, with small scratches may have to be returned to the factory of origin for re-buffing.

Some Pewter Polishes:
   Met-All Silver & Pewter Polish
   Sunshine Polishing Cloths
   Cape Cod Polish

If using a pewter polish, always use a soft, clean cotton cloth, to apply and another to buff, and again, try on an inconspicuous spot first.

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