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I am so sorry I am just now emailing you both to tell you the bowl is AWESOME!!! I love it! Thank you so much for answering your phone, Tom! You both are purely AWESOME! Thank you for making my job so much easier and stress-free! Now, if I could get all of my other vendors to do the same! LOL!!! Take care!
Kim - 06/17/2021

The Tennessee Baby Cup I ordered from Thomas Dale arrived today (two days before I had expected!) and it is perfect. Thank you so much, Tom, for handling my order in a very professional way . I would not hesitate to order from you again in the future if the occasion arises.
Mary Rist - 06/07/2021

Tom, the mugs got there today and my brother says they look great ! Thanks so much for your assistance!
Dave Backhaus - 5/14/2021

Wow! The pewter box arrived today!!! So speedy and it turned out beautiful. Thank you so much for everything.
Pam Oast - 03/22/2021

Hi! I have been crazy busy but wanted to tell you that the paperweight and pencil up are stunning. Thank you so very very much. Best,
Sue Herschlag - Lafayette College - 03/12/2021

The plates are absolutely perfect! They complete a collection of baby plates, and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for all your help!
Ginny Wiley - 02/25/2021

Recently received my 2 Nuremberg Wedding Cups, and they are GORGEOUS!! And you so kindly included the legend, filling instructions and care information!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!! Joy to do such very special business with you!!
Melissa - 10/13/2020

Items delivered today. Beautiful pieces with excellent engraving. Thank you.
WRS - 09/01/2020

Good afternoon Tom, I received my order today and could not be happier with the products and the engraving!!! They will be family treasures for generations! Thank you and the engravers from the bottom of this Grand Aunt's heart!!! Peace,
Cindy Yount - 08/31/2020

Wanted to let you know I received the wedding plate. It is gorgeous!!! I sent pictures of it to the bride’s parents. They loved it too. She is asking for me to deliver it early so they can set it up on the receiving table as people enter. Thank you again for your wonderful (and super timely) artistry.
Kim Korver - 6/16/2020

Thank you so much for your help earlier this week! The present got there today, 1 day ahead of the big anniversary. And most importantly, THEY LOVE HER. Your help made this all possible, esp with the engraving. Btw, this is the perfect 50th present, because the legend behind the gift involves a goldsmith. (The 50th is a gold anniversary). Our couple is both of German decent so it was perfect for them. THANK YOU AGAIN! Best,
Jean Wang - 3/5/2020

Received the item yesterday and I must say it is just lovely. I anticipate the gift recipient, will be as pleased. Thank you again
Donna O’Connor - 2/29/2020

I just want to let you know that the Wedding Cup arrived today and it is beautiful! I also want to tell you how much I appreciate your cheerful assistance in arranging for the expedited order. I am so impressed with both your high-quality product and your amazing customer service! Thank you for your kindness! Kind Regards,
Diane Modes - 2/21/2020

A quick note to say the cup trophies are fantastic - really nicely done. Thanks so much for your time and we look forward to working with you again in the future I'm sure! Regards,
Stephen Girlich - 2/13/2020

All the items of the recent order have arrived and they are beautiful. I can't tell you how pleased I am. Thank you for your help in getting these pieces together as a memorial for our church. Wishing you a lovely holiday vacation.
Joyce Blackburn - 12/10/2019

I received the gorgeous wedding cup today! It's absolutey beautiful!I I know they are going to love and cherish it. Thank you again and as always, wonderful doing business with you. Warm regards,
Nanette Post - 8/5/2019

I just want to let you know that the order made it safely to my children and they love it. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely,
Jan Wakeman - 6/27/2019

Hi Tom!! The order came today just in time for Tim's party!! It looks great! Thank you so much for all of your help! I was so excited to see it come today--that was wonderful! Many Thanks!
Mary Pat Kilcullen - 5/31/2019

Dear Cheryl, The pewter mug arrived today. It is beautiful; the engraving is perfect. Thank you for helping to get this to me so promptly. Excellent service like this is why I have ordered special gifts from Thomas Dale Co in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you again. Warm regards,
Joanne Haskins - 5/20/2019

To the employees of Thomas Dale Company, Cheryl in particular. I have bought several pieces of fine pewter from you and I have enjoyed giving them to my son-in-law and two grandsons as gifts. I enjoyed the exceptional quality and service provided by you so much that I bought myself this engraved pewter tankard. It will be displayed between my original Sheffield pewter tankard I received in 1959 in celebration of my christening, and my German pewter tankard I received in commemoration of my tour in the First Gulf War. My family has long since collected pewter over the years and I can say with all honesty that your quality pieces fit in beautifully. I especially want to thank Cheryl and your staff for the extremely fast turn-around time in correcting the damage made by the USPS. Sincerely,
Nigel Fursdon - 5/1/2019

Dear Tom, We received the birth plate we ordered, yesterday. It looks beautiful!!! Thank you all so much for the quick and kind service and the quality work!! Blessings,
Ann Lund - 4/20/2019

Hi Cheryl!
Received the Salisbury pewter baby cup today. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love the engraving. Even my husband was very impressed. Thanks very much to you and all those involved to make this special gift for my first granddaughter.
Sue Young - 3/28/2019

I received the lovely frame today. Thank you. I am excited to give it as a gift. I am happy I found you online and will continue to order from you.
Gay - 1/30/2019

I just received the Woodbury pewter candle snuffer from you and I love it! It is so much nicer than the online photo indicates. I am so glad I purchased this and thank you very much! It also came wrapped and packaged beautifully .
Annette Snyder - 1/18/2019

Good afternoon, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how wonderful my experience with your company was. I needed a pewter cup ASAP and the wonderful employee that I spoke with on the phone made that happen! Unfortunately, I did not write her name down! I spoke with her on Monday, January 7, in the later afternoon. She was able to help me locate and order a cup through your Ebay account. Then she made certain that the cup was shipped on Tuesday with it's arrival on Thursday. I have not had such wonderful customer service in a long time. I hope that you will be able to identify this employee and thank her for me! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having such caring employees and for over-delivering on your service. My experience was awesome! Keep up the good work! Sincerely,
Jennifer N. Gordon - 1/15/2019

Just wanted to send a quick thank you - the cup is beautiful and I appreciate the fast turn-around!!
Kristin Koon, President - Chi Omega - Beta Beta House Corporation

I just wanted to tell you I received the wedding cup and it is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much. I am sure they will cherish it for many years to come. I'll be contacting you next year this time for his sister. Thank you again. Sincerely,
Nanette Post - 10/15/2018

Thank you. The wine coaster is beautiful. My 30 year old grandson will love it.
Mollie Numark - 9/27/2018

I received my 8 goblets and I’m so pleased. They match perfectly my other pewter glasses that are smaller (wine and cordial glasses) that were purchased 30 years ago. Now I feel my pewter set is complete along with my other pewter items.
Colette Dillenburg - 9/8/2018

GOT IT!!! Beautiful! Thank you so much.
Paul and Carol Troy - 9/6/2018

WOW! You folks are amazing. So happy doing business with you. xx c
Paul and Carol Troy - 9/5/2018

It has been a pleasure working with Cheryl and Thomas Dale Company. At every point in my gift buying process, I was guided by the most competent professionals - selection of font for engraving, suggesting monograph position and then when my order was submitted, making sure it was delivered to the proper recipient and address. I know that the next time I have to purchase a gift I will return to the wonderful people who work for this wonderful company.
Dr. Lydia Rosner - 8/14/2018

Received the engraved cider pitcher and it is sooooo beautiful. Thank you so much for your fine work and fast delivery.
Carol Troy - 8/5/2018

The cup came yesterday (Friday) and it is beautiful. Thank you so much.
Dianna Fincher - 7/28/2018

The engraved vase I ordered last week just arrived. It is beautiful! My friend and neighbor, Donna, will instantly collapse into tears when she receives flowers delivered in this wonderful vase on August 8. I have anticipated this event for many months and I have no doubt your product will be the absolute ideal gift for this difficult first anniversary. I have no idea how your company engraves so perfectly on a compound curve but the engraving work is perfect! It is not an exaggeration to say Donna will truly cherish this vase for the rest of her life. After she dies many decades from now, the vase will be passed on and her daughters will continue to keep the vase and be reminded of my dog, KIRBY, who truly was the Best Dog In America! Thank you so very much,
Kent McKay - 7/27/2018

The Jefferson cups arrived yesterday! THANK YOU so very much for your great customer service! The cups are beautiful and perfect gifts for our hosts in Europe. It was essential that the gifts be made in the USA, and it is very clear that these cups are! Thank you, again. Best regards,
Susan Guz - 7/20/2018

Order arrived today. It’s PERFECT!! Thank you so much. My son will treasure it.
Nick Palmer - 6/29/2018

Thank you! It was a great success and so worth it! Appreciate that you went above and beyond.
Karen Sayer - 6/26/2018

I just would like to thank you so much for the beautiful wedding cup and lovely engraving. My husband and I will be presenting this gift to our son and his fiancé at the groom’s dinner but they will not be allowed to “practice”! Your company has been very prompt and professional and I will recommend you to many friends and relatives! Beautiful work! Thanks again,
Elaine Haberkorn - 6/16/2018

You are magical. The porringer arrived TODAY! Many thanks. It is perfect. Diane Andres - 6/1/2018

I would like to take the time to thank you for the perfect order of the pewter candlesticks. They are a wedding gift for someone special. I would like to share with you that your candlesticks have become a traditional wedding gift for our family and precious friends. My great grandmother from Ireland started the tradition, presenting my parents with silver candlesticks for their wedding gift. Your candlesticks are so beautiful and have proven to be a worthy tradition for us! Many thanks!
Debora Kovacs - 5/30/2018

Thank you so much for getting these gifts to me so quickly!
Adrienne E. Taylor - 5/22/2018

I received both the spirit measure and the shaker. Both are better in person. Thanks again for your help.
Jim Catalano - 03/30/2018

Got the candlesticks today, and I love them-they are much prettier than the ones I had! Thank you very much.
Gail Brien - 03/30/2018

Thank you, Tom, for representing an efficiently run business. I am pleased with your promptness and the quality of your product. If I ever need another pewter product, you will be the first one I turn to. Have a blessed day,
Bill Wymer - 2/21/2018

Order received today, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, couldn't find a better wedding gift for a very special girl. Will be sending them to Castlebar Ireland but...made in the USA. Thank you for your prompt shipment.
Nancy Bruno - 2/10/2018

I received my German Wedding Mug in Artina Pewter yesterday. Your website truly doesn't do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful. I could not be more pleased. The engraving is perfect. I know my fiance will be thrilled with it when I surprise him on our wedding day. Thank you for your help and for engraving it in German! I could not be more thrilled than I am.
Jennifer Steger - 1/30/2018

Got the shipment and they are beautiful! Thank you for the product with exceptional service!! Have a great Holiday
Michael Shaw - 12/13/2017

I just wanted to say we received the trays yesterday, and were very impressed with how they turned out! They were exactly what we were hoping for, and I very much appreciate you getting them done so quickly. Count me as a happy customer that will be back again! I hope you and everyone at the Thomas Dale Co. have a very happy holiday season. Regards,
Michael Raidt - 12/12/2017

The engraved baby plate arrived last evening and it is perfect. I am really happy with it. Thank you for all your help
Jena Downs - 11/14/2017

The package arrived today, the service was beyond perfect. The pieces look great. Thank you for your speedy service.
Sandra Sartell - 8/1/2017

They (engraved SP-IAJC08) arrived yesterday, we opened one up and it looked amazing! We can't wait to share them with our guests. Thank you again for taking such good care of us.
Guy S. Smith - 7/25/2017

I just received the Woodbury Pewter Wine Caddy. It is beautiful, and graceful. I love it. Thank you very much.
Mrs. Shanti Wagle - 6/26/2017

My engraved plates were delivered yesterday But I opened the box tonite They are AWESOME ... I love everything about 'em, size, appearance, engraving, weight and design I am so happy to display them and will do so proudly Thanks for handling my order It has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance and work with you. Blessings
Pam Wray - 6/22/2017

Just a quick note to say that the quaichs are beautiful, engraving perfect, and your customer service is excellent. Regards
Duncan Lawrie - 6/16/2017

Hi guys - my steins arrived in today's mail. They were all fine and the entire business transaction with your company went flawlessly. I would highly recommend doing business with your company to others. Thanks again.
Steven and Julie Snow - 6/3/2017

Thank you for all you did to expedite this order. Not only are they beautiful but they were received 2 days ahead of schedule! I love working with you and your team. As always your attention to detail is spot on and you always exceed my expectations. Thank you again. I will be ordering again soon!
Cindy Pascale - 5/11/2017

We received the engraved quaich yesterday. It's beautiful, and the engraving is perfect. It will make a wonderful gift at the rehearsal dinner of my son's wedding! And big enough for everyone to have "a wee dram"! Best,
Jim McEuen - 5/11/2017

Thank you. I received the beautiful tray. We love it.
Crystal Fuhrman - 4/21/2017

Thank you very much! The order arrived in time for the weddings!!
Pamela Tipton - 4/7/2017

The mugs arrived tonight - they are amazing! Very pleased. Best regards,
Steven Snow - 3/27/2017

Received my order and as usual, perfection. My late wife and I were first introduced to the Wedding Cup and the legend when we were very young and living in Germany for the first time from 1957—1960. I was a young airman who arrived in Bingen am Rhein on the 1st of December 1957. My wife arrived in March 1958 with our five week old son. We lived in a large German home at 22 Rhocus Allee (Villa Hartleib or Casa Angelina) with four other Air Force enlisted families. We stayed in contact with our landlady, Frau Edelgard Hartleib for more than 50 years. However, in the last two years she has not responded to my yearly greetings at Christmas. She would be in her late 80s. So, again, thank you so much. With warm regards,
Jim Kimmett - 3/9/2017

Good morning! Just received the cup and paperweight. It is just as beautiful as I remember! Great job once again!
Linda A. Ballantyne - 2/14/2017

I just wanted to let you know the Pewter Kentucky Jiggers arrived today and I am so pleased. My son is coming in this weekend and I feel confident that he will also be pleased as well. Thank you once again for your wonderful assistance with this order.
Sarah King - 2/9/2017

It has arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you all so much. Best, Scotty
Arthur "Scotty" Scott - 1/20/2017

Received plate. Thank you for such a quick turn around! Looks beautiful. Will definitely do business in the future!
Nick Soulier - 12/09/2016

Thank you so much.. I neglected to say thank you because I was busy here at work. My order was received in excellent condition Monday afternoon. It was package very well. I just wanted to say Thank you for your kindness in regards to processing my order and care in packaging. I will place a new order soon. Respectfully
Gary Schwend - 10/26/2016

Wanted to let you know the plates arrived and they are beautiful!!! I will be sending them shortly to my daughter who I know will be thrilled as well. Many, many thanks!!! Best,
Jane Perry - 10/14/2016

The porringer arrived today and is beautiful! And such quick service! The baby was born on Monday afternoon, I found out on Tuesday, and on Thursday I have an engraved porringer to give them! Many thanks,
Beth Manning - 9/29/2016

Once again you and your team have done an amazing job! The quaiches have all arrived and look beautiful. It has been such a pleasure working with you, you have made our Scotch Club a wonderful success! Warm regards,
Cindy Pascale - Carnegie Abbey Club - 9/22/2016

Frame arrived as expected. Looks perfect.
Nancy Woulfe - 9/7/2016

Thank you. Award plate is beautiful!
Carol Carlson - 7/30/2016

You and your Team are wonderful!!
Thank you once again for rushing this order and making it happen again. I will do my best not to set up another rush order (but I can't make any promises).
I must tell you that everyone that I have worked with and spoken to from your team have been so wonderful and kind, it is always a pleasure working with you. Much thanks,
Cindy Pascale - 7/20/2016

I wanted to let you know we got the cups last Friday. Our president was here on Monday and I was able to show them to her in person and she loved the way they turned out. Thanks so much for your help and patience in placing our order. They were such a great call on her part and I am happy we got your opinion in the details. Thanks again. :)
Brenda Rowe - School Nutrition Association - 6/7/2016

Dear people, Just wanted to remark that the cup arrived today and it is exactly what was wanted. I’m eager to bless it and use it in our liturgies. Thank you.
Fr. Ulysses D'Aquila - 6/7/2016

I have received the small Artina pewter mug and just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with the engraved product. Thank you.
Annette Udina - 6/3/2016

Many thanks—it arrived today and just as you said….happy customer :)
Dorothy Warren - 5/31/2016

Good morning! The desk set I ordered just arrived and it is beautiful...certainly exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me to get it right. I know we will order again soon! Enjoy your day! Regards,
Linda A. Ballantyne - Stanley Furniture Company - 5/17/2016

Received my order today (5 engraved wine goblets) and am so totally happy with your product! Thank you so much for your help in taking the order over the phone, working within the group's budget and the fast delivery. We will definitely be doing business again with your firm! Sincerely,
Kerry Schneider - The Actorsingers - 5/11/2016

The cups arrived this afternoon, Friday - 5/6, They look great. We are very pleased with what you have done in such a short time. Engraving is perfect. Thanks again.
Ray Potter - 5/6/2016

The Jefferson cups arrived. My husband is out of town on business and has not been able to carefully check them over; however, on first look, THEY LOOK AWESOME!!! Thank you. Thank you also for your patience with us and efficiency in completing the order.Best,
Barbara Crandall - 5/4/2016

I wanted to let you know that the bowls made their way to my office today so I finally got to see them. Even better than I imagined. Thank you!!!
Jhennifer Amundson - 4/26/2016

Received the new order today, promptly as is your style. The goblets are perfect! The communion ministers will enjoy many years of service from them. It was a pleasure doing business with you! Thank you and God Bless you richly,
Diane Stewart - 4/14/2016

My porringer arrived just now by UPS. It is beautiful.......I love it. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you so much.
Joy Basinski - 1/29/2016

I am just writing to let you both know how much I love the pewter salt and peppers and plate. They are both beautiful; I don't know why one would want silver as pewter has character and beauty in one. When I get some extra money, perhaps I can acquire a few more plates. They would be lovely as chargers. Thanks again,
Denise Riddle - 1/2/2016

I received my package and its perfect !!!! Thank you,
Maria Luciano - 12/15/2015

The package arrived very quickly! The pewter Mint Julep cup is beautiful & I'll definitely use it for future gifts!
Gene Birch - 11/11/15

Just wanted to let you know that I have received my order. Once again, I am so very pleased with your product and your service. You are certainly a joy to do business with. (Please excuse my ending the sentence with a preposition. I am, however, from KY. Ha!) Sincerely,
Dixie Broadfoot - 11/10/15

Received the baby mug yesterday and it is perfect. Just love the mug and the printing is perfect. Thanks so very much for your excellent service.
Gloria Lamoureux - 10/28/2015

I was away last week visiting my son & grandson in Virginia and got a call from my daughter. She loves the cup and so does Eleanor's bid brother Henry! Another success - thanks so much for making it happen,
Jean Brennan - 9/13/2015

Got it. Love it. Thank you!
Molly Sinclair Bull - 8/11/2015

The jewelry box arrived today. It is really pretty. Thanks for the excellent service!
Judy Hoberman - 8/4/2015

We have received the pitcher and are very pleased with it. Good doing business with you.
Dave Newell - 7/20/2015

Thank you so much, The package arrived. It looks great! We appreciate all your help and the quality of the product and your work.
Dr. Regina A. Greenwood - 7/19/2015

Thank you for your superior customer service! You turned an unfortunate transaction into a happy experience. Hoping you are well
Scott Krechel - 7/17/2015

The goblets are absolutely perfect!!! I can't believe they came so quickly! Thank you so much!
Maureen Maurer - 6/3/2015

Thanks, Tom! These pieces are beautiful. I want to buy more....
Dr. Alexei Guerassimov - 5/21/15

Thanks for your great service, as always. Your workmanship and customer service are unrivaled. Looking forward to doing business with you again next spring.
David Smith - - 5/19/2015

We received our order a couple of days ago. It's perfect! Thanks for your help
Kay Morton - 5/8/2015

Tom, the cups were beautiful. The Priest who wrote the book The Blessing Cup personalized the books for the couples. A perfect gift. Thanks Again,
Dr. Andre Lijoi - 5/4/2015

Received order today and everything is perfect. Thank you!
Dave Blazek - 4/25/2015

The boxes [jewelry] have arrived and they are gorgeous! Thank you, thank you. Sincerely,
Nancy Griffith - 4/22/2015

We received the Jefferson Cup in the mail. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for getting it here in time!!!!
Belinda C. Turner - 4/15/2015

Just wanted to let you know I received the cup. It's very nice. I want to thank you for all your kindness. I'll be glad to let everyone know where I purchased it, because I'm sure that when everyone sees it, they'll all want to know.... Thanks again for all your help.
Shannon Kreutz - 4/11/2015

Received the trophy and its tremendous. Thanks,
Dale Liggett - 4/10/2015

Thank you so much for your time and expertise. Will definitely call you for next event.
Jean-Marie Daleo - 3/24/2015

I received the pitcher, just beautiful like always. I will reach out again in October. Many thanks. Best regards,
Nanette Fraticelli - 3/24/2015

We received the package on Friday morning. The cups look great. Once again I would like to thank you for your help in expediting the shipment to us. I hope to have further transactions with you in the future. Cheers,
David Asmodeus - Props Buyer - "Arrow" - Season 3

Cup arrived yesterday in good condition. Thank you so much for your efficient service. Look forward to dealing with you in the future.
Cynthia Phillips - 3/20/2015

Please know that order arrived today. We are very please with how well the pewter cup and engraving turned out! Thanks for the wonderful service!
Jon and Susan Snellenberger - 3/18/2015

We received our cup last week, but I was out of town so I did not see it until later. We love it!!! Thak you so much! Best,
Konnie and Kevin Rask - 3/12/2015

We received the wedding cup today. It is beautiful. Thank you very much - we appreciate the outstanding customer service and prompt shipment.
Alice Pomeroy - 3/11/2015

Greetings! I received my AE Williams pewter goblet today. Thank you so much for providing such an incredible and high quality product. It exceeded my expectations by far. A beautifully crafted item of the highest quality. Thank you very much, best regards,
John Lloyd - 3/4/2015

The bird has landed and is quite handsome. Thank you for all. We always seem to run across the best, at the end. But, our granddaughters will grow up and need some pewterware, as well. Thanks again, Tom, for all.
John Dowell - 3/3/2015

It has arrived and just like the last one, it's exquisite. Thank you.
Nancy Duffy - 1/29/2015

Just wanted to let you know, I just received the tray you ordered for me and it is exactly what I hoped. The engraving is perfect! Thank you again for your patience and assistance. What a wonderful and satisfying experience.
Janet Schnettler - 1/12/2015

We received Addilynn's cup. It looks great! Thank you again for all of your help. You were wonderful to work with. We look forward to doing business with you in the future. :) I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Love & Blessings,
Rachelle Osborne - 12/20/2014

Received yesterday, beautiful, very much like the pattern. Is on my bathroom counter.
Iva Jeane Drigger - 12/7/2014

The beautiful pewter cup arrived on time about 8 hours ago. It is absolutely beautiful. Please thank the engravers for the beautiful job, and once again thank you for the great customer service. Sincerely,
Elizabeth Gabber - 11/27/2014

My recent order, consisting of a portable Woodbury communion chalice, 4.5 inch plate and small pewter box has arrived. All the pieces are quite lovely and I am very pleased. Thank you for your fine craftsmanship, careful packaging and prompt delivery. The items will be well-used and much appreciated for a very long time. Sincerely,
Maryann Kurkjian - 11/20/2014

I love the goblet. Thank you
Mark Krajewski - 10/26/2014

The quaich was very well received. Thank you for helping us with this fine piece of work. We will be back.
Andrew Parker - 10/23/2014

I received my purchased today and I am very pleased. I do hope we can continue business in the future and that you will be willing to ship future products to myself here in Canada. Thank you very much.
Shawn Branning - 10/21/2014

I wanted to thank you for your help with the beautiful Loving Cup. The quality is outstanding. It was the perfect fit for our ceremony and will be treasured for many years to come. The item arrived promptly last Tuesday, with plenty of time before our event last Saturday. Your customer service was exceptional and I very much appreciate your assistance. Sincerely,
Jeanne Grone - 10/13/2014

I received the Ten Commandments Plate last Friday, in perfect condition. Thank you very much and Best of Life!!
Hector Oropeza - 10/13/2014

The vase arrived yesterday. It is lovely. We will dedicate it at tomorrows Sunday service. Thank you for your help.
Lucia Thomas - 9/20/2014

Received my purchase of 10.5 inch pewter Queen Anne plate and thank you for expediting my order in such a timely manner. It is perfect for my kitchen where it will be displayed with other collections. All the best to you,
Linda Menut - 9/18/2014

The plate arrived. It is beautiful. We are very pleased. Thank you!!!!!!
Carol Robbins - 9/17/2014

Just a note to say we received our loving cup last week (apologies for the delay in letting you know) and we are over-the-moon with it, its beautiful & so perfect! Thanks so much again for all your help,
Anita Nial - 9/8/2014

Thank you for your quick response, I received my order yesterday!
(internet order) Earl Donolo - 9/6/2014

Thanks for your attention to detail. As expected, the wedding cup arrived in mint condition. FYI, I purchased our first wedding cup in 1959 when I was stationed in Germany with the Air Force. Bought it in the town of Bingen am Rhein where we lived for a couple of years. Since then we have purchased more while working in Germany over the years, and now from your company. Thanks again.
Jim Kimmett - 8/26/2014

Stunning, absolutely stunning. It will make a wonderful engagement gift.
Nancy Duffy - 8/26/2014

Just received the cup you made for us. Looks great!! Thank you so much. Take care. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely,
Robert Ripley - 8/19/2014

Hi, I wanted to let you guy’s know that my Goblet is awesome. All of my peers love it. It is my favorite drinking vessel. I can’t wait until football season, I’ll have my Goblet at every football party and game. Can you say raise the standards. Also the customer service was AWESOME. The engraving was stella/amazing. I will be a returning customer. Oh I must say the detailing is a very high quality. WoW! Thank you again.
David Vassar - 8/19/2014

The tankard arrived today and Kelly (KMBS) was absolutely delighted!
Now she and her brother have one each to commemorate their high school graduations. I shall be placing another order in the spring of 2015 when Regan (RKBS) receives his undergraduate degree! Thanks again. Best regards
Bob Allin - 8/4/2014

Hello! I received the German wedding cup today. It looks fantastic. You did a perfect job! Thanks, again.
Jean Eisenbrey - 7/16/2014

order has arrived. the chalice's are wonderful. your service was excellent. thank you so much,
Mike Webb - 7/16/2014

We received our Woodbury Pewter Loving Cups yesterday. They are very pretty and everyone likes them. I appreciate your time and patience in helping me with this project. You provided great customer service. Thank you,
Susan Jewell - 6/11/2014

The spoons arrived and they are dear. Lovely monograms. Thank you so much.
Martha Wilkinson - 6/6/2014

I hope you had a restful holiday weekend! I wanted to let you know that your pewter bowls & engraving are spectacular!! We're very excited to give these to our Trustees. It was terrific working with you. Thank you very much! All the best,
Barbara Jarvis - 05/28/2014

Received Quaich--beautiful job--thank you!!!! Now I know where to go for Scottish merchandise. Best of Life,
Agnes Vislosky - 05/27/2014

Today we received the 12 pewter spoons that we ordered from you. They arrived extremely fast and look wonderful. Thank you for your help! What a pleasure.
Chloë Rideout - 5/20/2014

The beer steins arrived today. They look very good. Thank you for your service.
Michael Ward - 5/8/2014

Received both cups, thanks so so so much.... Perfect....
Fr. Chris Kerhulas - 5/8/2014

Thank you for taking good care of a customer- these are beautiful products and will make great graduation gifts. I appreciate your efforts to expedite this order.
Lisa Baker - 5/6/2014

Wanted to let you know we received cups today! Thanks so much.
Marlene Bigelow - 5/1/2014

Got it yesterday! Beautiful! Thank you!!
Erin Asbury - 4/23/2014

Just to let you know the bowl I ordered arrived earlier this week and it's lovely. I was hesitant about ordering on line, but your walking me through the process worked very well. That and I liked the pictures you sent showing me what the bowl would look like with the engraving. I am sure the bride-to-be will be happy with her present. Thank you,
Sally Hogan - 4/12/2014

I have just received my Artina Stein in perfect condition. Thank you very much and best of life!!
Hector Oropeza - 3/31/2014

We just received our order. The tankards are beautiful & our employees’ are going to love them much more than those generic wood anniversary plaques! Thank you!
Coco McWade - Palmer Johnson Power Systems - 3/19/2014

Just a follow-up regarding my order for tankards for the Washington's Birthday Regatta. The tankards looked great as always! Best regards
Alyn Pruett - 3/7/2014

Love my order, thank you.
Janet Chambers - 3/6/2014

Shipment arrived today in good condition. Delighted with quality. Seo do slainte!
Jude Heywood - 2/25/2014

My order for pewter products arrived this afternoon in perfect order. Thank you for your attention to this delivery - they are all beautiful. Best regards
May Blinco - 2/13/2014

just heard from my son in CT - they received the cup today & love it! Charley's big sister is thrilled too 'cause her little sister now has a cup just like hers! Another sucess!! thanks,
Jean Brennan - 2/11/2014

Just wanted to let you know that "Henry's" cup arrived Friday! My daughter was thrilled & Henry thought it was pretty cool too! Thanks so much for the incredible & speedy service. Much appreciated,
Jean Brennan - 2/8/2014

The picture frame has arrived and it looks wonderful. Thank you.
Patricia Buddenhagen - 2/6/2014

I received both of the goblets today and they look great. Thanks so much for getting them here so quickly. We greatly appreciate it! Best,
Chelsea Messa - 1/31/2014

Just to let you know the pitcher arrived safely today, absolutely beautiful! I am very satisfied with your impeccable service and have recommended your company to some Montréal friends. Thanks again,
Michèle Nadeau - 1/29/2014

A belated thank you and Happy New Year. The guys all loved their tankards very much. Hope to do business with you again.
Rebecca (Becky) G. Thompson - 1/22/2014

I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful pewter cups...they will be treasured by my nephews! Your craftsmanship is wonderful!
Robin Hake - 1/16/2014

The quaich and plinth arrived today and they are beautiful! Thank you!
Syndi Holmes - 01/13/2014

My order xxxx received in record time, handled promptly and very courteously. Great customer service! Tea set is as beautiful as I had hoped it would be.
Shirley Collar - 12/22/2013

I received the order today for the pewter Jefferson cups and just want to thank you for your efficient, professional service. It is a pleasure dealing with companies as yours.
Beverly Fogle - 12/18/2013

Thank you for getting this off so quickly! Happy holidays
Julie Murphy - 12/16/2013

I’ve been busy! The 12 Days pewter is beautiful and my boss is now ready to enjoy his themed party with each ringing their bells and singing along. Whew!! Thanks for the extra attention.
Kathy Ybarra - 12/16/2013

Thank you. Received them yesterday, they look great!
Brian Buchanan - 12/13/2013

The two cups arrived today-they look great! Thank you so much for handling this for us. I know the recipients will be delighted to have these. Have a great holiday,
Cathy Wilson - 12/10/2013

Just wanted to let you know that I received the julep cups and was very pleased with them. I gave them to my sons while they were in for Thanksgiving and they loved them. They noticed the pattern and reminded me that each of them had lived in other states as well, and they will be expecting a cup from those states as well. It has been a GREAT pleasure to do business where you can still speak to a real, live, friendly, competent, and accommodating person. Sincerely,
Dixie Broadfoot - 12/3/2013

I just wish to say Thank you so very much!

I meant to send this the later part of last week, but getting ready for this big event has taken up a lot of my time, so apologize for the delay thank you. I received the tankard on Friday about 11 am and it is already at the engravers and being completed as we speak.

I cannot thank you enough for your last minute rush help, and the fact that you did it so kindly and without hesitation absolutely amazes me. Customer Service is indeed "alive and kicking" with your company and I have already bragged about your company to the whole committee involved in this event! That right there is the best form of flattery I can give!

We hope to use you again in the future, and be assured you will be the first place I look next time, versus as a last rush resort.

I appreciate you and the Thomas Dale Company. Thank you,
Jodi Martin - 11/05/2013

My order arrived in fine condition and the cup, ordered sight unseen, is just perfect. Thank you for your prompt service.
Marilyn Shearer - 10/26/2013

Received my order, Pewter birth plate, this morning and it looks beautiful. Thank you very much for your assistance in taking care of my needs. I am sure Tessa Lynn, as she gets older, will cherish her gift for many years. Best regards,
Virginia Forehand - 10/21/2013

You were so fast! I got the goblet yesterday and it is perfect! You do superb work. I know my husband will love it. Thank you so much!!
Nadine Simms - 10/11/2013

I received the water pitcher. Thank you, it's beautiful. Great job! Will contact you again in February 2014 for our April meeting. Best regards,
Nanette Fraticelli - 10/4/2013

Sir, we received the Quaichs yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you! Everything looks great, delivery was very prompt and it has been a pleasure working with you and the Thomas Dale Company. Thank you again, I hope you have a great evening. Kindly,
Ashleen M. Gies, 1st Lt, USAF - 10/2/2013

Thomas, wanted you to know that we were all pleased with the pewter birth plate. Thank you!
Linda Glassman - 9/26/2013

Received today, they are gorgeous! Thank you.
Stephanie Daniels - 09/25/2013

I hope you are able to see the picture I've attached. The tankards were perfect. You were very helpful and patient with me when I was placing my order and I thank you.
Sharon Trcka - 9/16/2013

Thank you very much-as I said earlier on the phone this is 1st rate customer service I so appreciate it. Have a great day!
Tanja Bishop - 9/5/2013

I received my order yesterday and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am. I ordered the 8in Woodbury pewter loving cup with engraving. The size of the cup is excellent and the engraving is perfect. I am very impressed with the quality, weight and overall appearance of the cup, it is a very classy piece and I look forward to presenting it to my son and new daughter-in-law for their wedding. Thank you for your patience as I went through the ordering process, your follow through was excellent, when you told me you should have your email proof in 5 minutes it was there and when you told me you would call back in 5 minutes you did. The whole process was very pleasant and completed very timely. Thank you again for a great shopping experience.
Lynda Simon - 9/5/2013

"My Wentworth King's Shilling tankard arrived today and it exceeded my expectations. I had looked at many websites and chose Thomas Dale because it was the only site to give the weight of the tankards, so I could compare it to other tankards which I own. The customer support on the engraving was superb. I now have a magnificent gift to show appreciation to a good friend for 20 year's work"
David Edward - 8/22/2013

Hello!!! We received our Wentworth Pewter goblets last week and they are absolutely beautiful!!! The engraving is perfect and Tom did an excellent job to ensure everything was exactly what we wanted before starting on the engraving. Thank you so much for all your help!!! We can't wait to show off our goblets at the wedding!!!!
Kaitlin Ming - 8/20/2013

Thanks so much; quality product, quality service!
Shannon Fenton - 8/19/2013

The frame arrived is perfect and beautiful! Thank you
Tam Blattner - 7/26/2013

Thank you for such wonderful customer service again!
Patsy Nuzzo - 7/23/2013

I received my cup today, beautiful! We love it! Thank you!
Toni Cianciulli - 7/16/2013

Plate arrived today, Tom. Looks great - thanks for the quick response. Regards,
Vince and Mrs. Morelli - 7/13/2013

The cups arrived yesterday and they are lovely! My daughter will be visiting in July and take the gift to my son-in-law. I am so appreciative of your help and great service. I hope you and staff enjoy a well deserved vacation!
Cheryle McCann - 6/29/2013

The wine goblets are gorgeous. My husband and I married 34 years ago and exchanged these exact goblets for our wedding gifts. We started drinking from our own cups, but I discovered when he was gone (which he was alot), that it brought me some joy to drink from his cup. We've been drinking from each others' cups ever since. We have been looking for this exact cut ever since for our grandchildren's weddings--but have never found them until now. We have more weddings to come--and you'll be hearing from me. Thank you so much.
Barbara W. Gray - 6/2/2013

Just received bowl and base. This will look great in the college show case. Thanks for your help. Best Regards,
Arnold Katz - Kappa Sigma Epsilon - Executive Treasurer

Tom, thank you received the cup and it looks great! Sincerely,
Lori Siggins - 5/15/2013

I received the package - it looks great! Thank you!
Paula Verity - 5/8/2013

We were in San Francisco last weekend and I had the opportunity to see the mint julep cups I ordered with your help. They were beautiful and a thrill to my daughter. Thank you for all the time and help you gave me, Sincerely,
Sara Gustavson - 5/8/2013

Just wanted to let you know my son received the mug and he just loves it! It brings back lots of memories about our father/son trip to England a few years ago.
It was a pleasure doing business with you!
Best of Life to you too! Sincerely,
Ron Collier - 5/3/2013

Today we received the engraved toasting wine cup and monogrammed plate! We are very pleased with the outcome, and look forward to giving both to our grandson for his bar mitzvah next month.
Thank you for your guidance in the selection process. Sincerely,
Barbara Pelowski - 4/17/2013

I want to thank you so much for your "awesome", prompt service in engraving the cup and getting it out to me so quickly. It was absolutely beautiful, and my friend loved it, said she had nothing like it!!
I believe you will be hearing from my daughter who also loved it and wants to get one for her mother-in-law (a native "Kentucky-ian" and Derby fan) for mother's day.
So, once again, thanks so much for all you did. Sincerely,
Joan Ferrell - 4/15/2013

I recieved my Artina 10 Com. Plate today. Thank you so much for shipping it quickly and packing it so professionally. This will be a gift for Sat. night, so receiving it with time to spare is a relief.
Roy Trapp - 3/13/2013

The purchase arrived safely and the cups are beautiful. Thanks!
I will get back in touch when I need to reorder.
Sandra H. Newsom - 3/12/2013

The chalice arrived in perfect time and it was a beautiful remembrance. Thanks for your guidance.
Barbara Jobin - 3/4/2013

Thank you so much for all your help we did recieve the pewter cups they are absolutley beautiful. We will be looking at your web site again knowing now that you guys will ship to us and the quality of your stuff is that beautiful. Thank you so much
Shawndee Sherman & Scott Smith - 2/21/2013

Just got the 6 cups and once again, they are perfect. Thank you!
Rena Chizmar - 1/21/2013

Thanks Thomas for the beautiful quaich -- it arrived a couple of days ago -
Jacquie Walters - 1/17/2013

Just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding customer service! My husband loves his tankard and his brothers were super jealous! We'll be ordering from you again! Thanks,
Ashley Kastl - 12/26/2012

Just wanted to let you know the cups arrived yesterday and they are PERFECTly beautiful!! They are exactly what i hoped for - quality, design and size of cup, as well as the monogram. Thank you for your help. and fyi, the monogram size is just right. Thanks again and Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours.
Rena Chizmar - 12/23/2012

Goblets in hand. Look great. You rock!
Rick Hensler - 11/16/2012

We got the trophy yesterday and it is beautiful. Thanks so much, my boss loves it! Thanks,
Erin Nutter - 11/15/2012

The wedding cup arrived today and looks great. Thank you again for hustling that order out the door for me. Cheers,
Patrick Miller - 10/3/2012

I meant to email sooner, but I wanted to let you know that the tankard that my son received from Grandma for his milk and water is simply beautiful. So much more exquisite in person. It is perfect and he loves it.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know, that it was the perfect gift. Now I want one !
Madeline Fry - 10/2/2012

Greetings! I just wanted to let you know that I received the tankard and I LOVE IT!! It is beautiful! I will be very proud to give it to my boss for his 50th birthday. Again, I can't thank you enough for your expertise and help with the order. Best regards,
Melissa Sola - 9/9/2012

Our order of arrived safe & well. Thank you all for your time & effort. The 2 Eagle Pewter tankards "Mermaid" look fantastic. Cheers
Glen Mitchell - 9/7/2012

Mug has arrived and it looks great. Thanks for your craftsmanship and willingness to get this out to us this quickly. I will recommend you to my SCA friends.
Jeff Combs - 9/7/2012

Thanks so much for the Paloma wine cups. The work is just outstanding and will go nicely as a surprise for my sweetie!
Margareth Dykzeul - 08/30/2012

Thank you so much for all your help in completing my order; the cups arrived in perfect condition and excellent timing. My parent's 50th wedding anniversary was a special occasion and everyone very much enjoyed the cups as a memento. All the best,
Heidi Schmidt - 8/24/2012

I just wanted to write a little note to say thank you. I love how the cups turned out. Thank you for all of your help!
Jessica Basso - 8/20/2012

Thank you Tom for all your help with these goblets. She will be amazed this evening. Hope to do business in the future. Don't hesitate to email me any offers or sales from time to time. I've been throwing your co name to many colleagues!!!
Scott Stauffer - 8/17/2012

Wow, exceptional customer service...Isn't America wonderful!!
Terry Clark USMC (Ret.) - 8/17/2012

We received the package. It is beautiful. Thank you again for your help getting this taken care of last minute. We really appreciate it and are so excited to give it to our friend!
Jamie Ricks - 8/9/2012

I just wanted to inform you that we received the items and they were very beautiful. Thank you for your help and special assistance in getting them to us in such a timely manner.
Christie Lee - 6/7/2012

Just wanted to thank you for your great service. I received the 3rd chalice and the pitcher in plenty of time for our communion service tomorrow. Thanks!
Kathy Watson - 6/2/2012

Just wanted you to know that this pewter cup was a major success with my neice - they loved it! Thanks so much for for assistance in processing the order. My best,
Jean Brennan - 5/23/2012

My 2 orders have arrived and I am very pleased. When I need to place another gift or a gift to myself you will hear from me.
I can only say the quality is excellent--shipping speedy and well packaged-and you were a pleasure with whom to do business. Thank You
Jenny Strother - 5/20/2012

We got our beautiful Quaiches in time for the wedding! Thank you so much and we will certainly order from you again. Be well
Rebecca Allsopp - 05/05/2012

The christening cup came today! Thank you for the fast shipment! And it's beautiful! The engraving is perfect!
Nancy Welch - 05/04/2012

Thanks, looks good. Life is our gift from God, what we do with it is our gift back to God.God Bless.
Paul Kankolenski - 05/03/2012

Just wanted to let you know that we just received our letter openers and they look great! Thank you again for your patience with me and your very polite assistance. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Kind Regards,
Brooke R. Phillips - 4/18/2012

I could not be more pleased with the pewter flask and engraving. It arrived today, and it's utterly handsome. My younger son turns 21 on Aug. 12, 2014, so I will want another flask for that occasion, though we won't be repeating the Roman theme. Thank you.
Greg Edwards - 3/27/2012

Ok, so we receive all 6 chalices. They are beautiful!!! Thank You
Sarah Beall - 03/26/2012

We received our order yesterday and thank you for the carefully wrapped pewter dish. A happy customer...
William & Bernadette Stoegbauer - 03/23/2012

My husband is active duty military and we are currently stationed in Germany. I have been working with the Thomas Dale Company for about 6 months now as our Company Commander started a tradition of gifting pewter baby cups to all newborns in the Company. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with a company that is so personal and devoted to it's clients and to it's military community. Tom is an honest business man and I am happy to say I am a loyal customer. We have ordered 4 or more cups with in the last 6 months and the product is always perfection. It is also great to know that the TD Company will ship to APO addresses. Thank you Tom!!!!
Sincereley, Carmen K. - 3/12/2012

The lovely engraved pewter platters for the Georgia Women of Achievement were awarded today. There are lovely and I think you can probably rest assured that we will be ordering more and more as the years go by. Thanks so much for your time, patience, and expertise. Everyone on the GWA Board as well as the recipients were so pleased.
Missie Pierce - 3/8/2012 -

Tom, the tankards arrived yesterday and are lovely. I am very pleased.
Stacey Lawler - 3/1/2012

We received the plates on Monday! Thank you for all your hard work. They are beautiful!
Beth Oleson - 2/29/2012 -

We gave our executive council their plates on Saturday and they loved them! Thank you for all your help in getting this order together so quickly and sent to us in time. Kind regards,
Anne Boley, CMP - 2/29/2012 -

I just wanted to say thank you. I love my new chalices and I was really impressed with your products and service. It is nice to finally to deal with a competent company. Thanks Again
Courtney Elliott - 1/23/2012

The candlesticks arrived today and they are beautiful! Thanks again for all your help.I’m sure the recipient will love them too.It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Cheryl R Conner - 1/13/2012

I received the brushed satin tankard that I ordered from you guys yesterday (the one with the theta xi fraternity crest on it). It is absolutely perfect! The engraving looks beautiful, and I can't wait to give it as a Christmas gift. You guys do a completely phenomenal job, and it's been a pleasure being your customer. Thanks so much for the quality work and attention to detail. I'm very grateful.
Merry Christmas,
Shannon Dille - 12/16/2011

IT ARRIVED YESTERDAY! It's perfect - thank you!!
Jennifer Meyer - 12/9/2011

Thank you for the beautiful cups. They look great. Thank you for such a fast turn-around.
Jeff Leonard - 12/7/2011

We received the Cup this morning. It looks great! Thank you and your staff for getting this done so quickly. I appreciate all your help. Best,
Elizabeth Chouinard - 12/1/2011

I have purchased items from this merchant before and found the products and service to be exceptional.
Mary Weckesser - 11/30/2011

Thanks so much, I received it yesterday and it looks spectacular!!! He will love it!!
Jeanie Clark - 11/18/2011

Got 'em. Look great! Thanks a lot!
Rick Hensler - 11/17/2011

The pewter cups were beautiful and made great baptism gifts for our godchildren! Thanks for all of your help in getting them to us in such short notice.
Robert C. Rodgers - 11/14/2011

Got the cups! Thank you-- they're perfect! Will be back, for sure. Best,
Ashley Hope - 11/10/2011

The shaker arrived safe and sound and made quite an impression. It was absolutely what she wanted. Thanks a million!
Michael Gaddy - 10/18/2011

I just received the pewter Revere bowl trophies. They are beautiful, and will be a very special award for these recipients. Your service and attention to detail has been beyond expectations. Thank you again. Best Regards,
Carol A. Paddock - Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education - 10/13/2011

The wedding cups arrived yesterday- I opened them last night when I got home from work- AWESOME! Thank you again so very much for working with me. The next time I order a wedding cup (we have many nieces still to be married who will each receive one), I will be ordering from YOU! I’ve got my eye on a few things for Christmas too! Forever Grateful.
Carrie Krone - 10/12/2011

I received the goblet and my Pastor loves it. I really appreciate your help. In time I will be ordering another one. Thank you!!
Karen Word - 9/19/2011

The engraved cup arrived today and it's perfect. Thank you very much for a job well done and for such prompt service.
Barbara Scheerer - 9/14/2011

I just received the two wedding cups I ordered, and they are beyond my expectations! They are just beautiful and I will be so proud to present them to people I care about deeply, knowing that they will treasure the cups for a lifetime.
You were a jewel to work with as well, and the engraver did an outstanding job. I could not be more pleased with the quality and beauty.
My sincerest thanks to you and your staff.
Shelley Davis - 9/10/2011

I received the beer steins today and they are fabulous! Thank you!
Celeste Salge - 9/1/2011

I just received my engraved tankard, and had to drop you a note. I love it. The tankard itself seems to be of a wonderful quality and the engraving is exactly as I had imagined it - thanks again for working through all the details to make the gift just right. All the best,
Jonathan Goslin - 8/24/2011

I received the frame this afternoon and I really love it. Thank you so much for your kind attention through the process.
Jane Etheridge - 8/19/2011

I got the glasses today and they look GREAT! Thanks for all of your help.
Patricia Johnson - 07/21/2011 -

Thank you Tom. I received the shipment today and it looks great. Thanks again. Take care,
Dean Tingzon - 07/20/2011

Received tankard today. It is-----------PERFECT! Many thanks
Col Steve - 7/1/2011

We received the vase on Monday and shipped it to Germany on Tuesday. It should get there in plenty of time. I very much like the pewter vase, the satin finish, and the engraving!
Thanks for all your diligence! Sincerely,
Carolee Morris - 6/15/2011

Thanks so much for your courtesy, attentiveness and outstanding (unprecedented, in my experience) customer service!
Gram Paw Gibbs Kinderman - 5/23/2011

Just a quick note....the tankard looks great ! Thank you for all your help.
Penny Wharton - 5/25/2011

Just wanted to let you know that I received the cup and it looks great!!! I meant to email you last week but forgot. Thank you for your help!!
Carmen Kline - 5/24/2011

THOMAS, THOMAS, THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The toasting glasses are FABULOUS. Exceeded my expectations, and a plus was that you were SO great to work with. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!!!!
Patricia Hoffman - 5/18/2011

Just wanted you to know that the baby cups arrived here safely the end of last week. They are more beautiful than I imagined & the engraving work is wonderful too. Thanks so much for the fantastic service! My best,
Jean Brennan - 5/17/2011

We were amazed to receive our order yesterday - in only 5 days placing the order. The tulip tankard is very impressive, the engraving is perfect, and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much.
Sandy Foflygen - 5/12/2011

Received the order, prompt and perfectly filled. A beautiful item. Much thanks for a job well done.
Joseph Molnar - 4/24/2011

Received my stein yesterday. It is more beautiful than the pictures show. Thank you for all your help.
Carol Oberbeck - 4/13/2011

The mugs arrived. Thank you so much. I think he will love them.
Lisa Yagle - 4/7/2011

Just HAD to let you know that I am very satisfied with the Tudor Goblet-Bright-5.5 Also, thanks for all your effort in going the extra mile to send more photos and working with me, (a very pickey person) in getting my wife a 21st Anniv, gift. It is even better in person. It is every thing I expected and then some. So, thank you so very much. Cant wait to see my wifes reaction to this very classy Goblet.
Barry Carpenter - 3/21/2011

My order was received today and it is lovely. Thank you.
Rosemary Repeta - 2/23/2011

Order arrived today and is just beautiful. Thanks so much!
Doug Davis - 2/11/2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you! They're gorgeous, they're perfect, and now I can entertain like the Barefoot Contessa!
Valerie Bryant - 2/3/2011

Klaus received the cups this morning and is very happy with both the cups and the extremely fast service. Thank you so much for expediting the order. The cups are beautiful! I hope you have a good holiday season. Sincerely
Audrey Braam - 12/22/2010

I was amazed to see my order sitting on my porch this morning (Tuesday). I completed the order online yesterday afternoon. Thank you for your incredibly speedy service!
Mary Watt - 12/07/2010

I received my order today. It is perfect. Thank you for having quality products that I can purchase on-line.
Janice Williams - 11/4/2010

Oh my gosh! The tankard is here! Unbelievable how quickly you delivered it! And it is gorgeous – the right size, the right weight – EXACTLY what we wanted to present to Poppie. Thank you so much, we are thrilled!!
Annie and Tim Saunders - 10-08-2010

Received the candlesticks on Friday, wedding was on Saturday. Thank you so much, they are beautiful, just what I wanted the couple to have as a remembrance from us. Thank you
Dorothea Rosenberg - 09/14/2010

Received the Stein and it is fantastic! Thank you so much for getting this to me in time for my Nephew's party. He's going to be absolutely thrilled by it! Thanks again for making this happen in such a short period of time. Sincerely,
Joe Minnis - 08/31/2010

Thank you so very much for the wonderful candlesticks and speedy shipping. I am all set for the wedding. Awesome customer service!
Maureen Parsons - 8/20/2010

I just received the plate – it’s fantastic! Thanks again for the great work!
Stephanie - - 08/03/2010

I want to let you know that this order just arrived today. My daughter and I are so pleased with the total look of the pewter tankard mug. Thank you so much for making this shopping experience wonderful. From the help on the phone, to the actual ordering, to the great email follow-ups( including the tracking information), to the prompt delivery time. All was great. We will be back :)
Phyllis Patnaude - 08/03/2010

I got the comb/brush on the Thursday before the Christening so thank you very much for everything you did to make that happen. The engraved gift was a big hit -- again, thank you very much!!
Carol Beavers - 07/06/2010

We received our wedding party gifts today. They look great. I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with my order. Superior customer service. Best wishes and regards.
Britt Wilson - 06/17/2010

Thank you so much Tom, you are a pleasure to work with and I can assure you that you will be seeing business from me in the future and I will refer your company when I can.
Charlie Diemar - 06/16/2010

Thank you again for your professionalism and courtesy. I so appreciate your note. It is seldom these days that I have encountered a company (and individuals) that care so much about the work they do. God is indeed smiling upon you. With gratitude,
Cassandra Lewis - 06/15/2010

The gorgeous, glass bottom tankard, inscribed "BRIAN", arrived Friday, or was it Thursday?? I was in the midst of a yard sale for Sat. June, 5th . This is the first chance I've had to let you know how pleased I am for your expert service, and quality of purchase. The entire work force for the Sale were "ALL" in agreement!! 'GOOD JOB TOM." Thanks, and God Bless,
Ruth F. Stapleton - 06/09/2010

I just wanted to let you know that the pewter mug arrived yesterday, and we are thrilled with it. It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and I would happily recommend you to others. Thanks for a great e-commerce experience,
Sally Buffum - 06/04/2010

I received the vase in quick time. It is lovely, and I thank you for your prompt and excellent service. Sincerely
Cheryl H. Best - 5/25/2010

I have already received the shipping information from my recent purchase at Thomas Dale Co. so I can Know when the package is going to be delivered. Thank you again for your help. It was a pleasure to buy from your company. Sincerely
Merlin Colmenares de Pulgar - 5/27/2010

My package arrived on Tuesday evening as scheduled. Thank you so much for your quality service , attention to detail, and concern for the smaller" customer. I truly appreciate the personal touch.
Shirley Johnson - 5/20/2010

The trophy arrived on Friday - it's absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for working closely with me so we could get a good representation of Ted on there.
Andrea Kelly - 5/16/2010

On behalf of the "Legion of Mary Toronto Senatus", we "Thank You" for the excellent customer service. God Bless You.
Danilo Hermoso - 5/16/2010

I received the baby cup yesterday and it is perfect, I am so happy with the shape and the engraving. Salisbury does an excellent job and you can be sure others will hear about you from me. Sincerely,
Sharron Hughes - 5/5/2010

Just wanted to let you know the pewter bowl arrived safely. It is GORGEOUS! A quality piece! Thank you,
Linda Cejner - 4/30/2010

The julep cup arrived yesterday. It’s beautiful!! Thank you so much for the wonderful commemoration of our daughter’s 21st! Best regards
Mary Margaret Pearson - 4/29/2010

Received the package The charger is perfect! I absolutely love it. Best,
Rose Maguire - 4/20/2010

MUG RECIEVED: Everything better than perfect. THANK YOU!
John Pinnella - 03/24/2010

I just received my plate. Thank you, again you did a wonderful job, it's absolutely lovely. I know the parents will be ecstatic.
Marcia - 3/2/2010

Thank you for the prompt processing and delivery of our recent order. It looks great and everyone involved is very pleased. We will certainly look to your company for any future needs in your line.
Sincerly, Frank Carr - 2/20/2010

Thank you - I appreciate your style of business and will certainly recommend you to others.
Gratefully, R.W. Nalley - 2/16/2010

I have received the bowl and it is just what I wanted!!! It looks great, and thank you again for all of your help with this gift.
Kay Jenkins - 01/14/2010

Hello! I just want to tell you how appreciative we are that you were so quick and accommodating in response to our tankard order. The wedding plans have added a great deal of stress to our lives, and you took one more potential stress away with your care and quick response. The tankards have already arrive and are beautiful! They are just perfect for the Celtic wedding.
I am confident you will receive more orders from the guests, when they see how nice they look.
Thanks Again, Leanne Jones - 12/14/2009

I just wanted to let you know I received the stein over the weekend. Its beautiful. Thank you for your patience with me. You and your staff did a great job. This should be a wonderful keepsake for my Son as he starts his career in the Army as an officer. Thank you once again. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Sincerely, George K. Rozinak - 11/30/2009

The Revere Bowl came last is beautiful!!!
Thank you.
Beverly Abbott - 11/11/2009

Many thanks. It is truly a pleasure to do business with you and talk with you. We are really look forward to giving Robyn the beautiful peweter tray you had made for us. Sincerely,
Brett B. Gutsche, MD - 11/02/2009

The chalice is beautiful! Thanks. Will place next order with same cross design in early Dec.
Peg O'Malley - 10/27/2009

I just purchased a Pinder Bros. tankard, PB-139MB1PT. On the side of it, just to the left of the handle there is a stamp of the number "92". What does the number 92 indicate? By the way .... I love the tankard!
Chad Donna - 10/1/2009

Received The Baby Mug Today. What Great Service! Thank You, Frank Fisher - 9/30/2009

the bell i bought was even nicer than i expected and i recieved it very quickly and in perfect condition. i will certainly use them again
mary jane smith - 9/29/2009

Thank you, they arrived today and are perfect!
Jennifer Plummer - 9/04/2009

I received the flask yesterday, it is just what I was looking for – thanks.
James Cutting - 9/4/2009

Concerning Order B-627 Eagle Pewter Cup
This cup makes an excellent double espresso cup
The size is right, and it is insulated
I am glad I bought it
John Fitzgerald - 7/29/2009

To Whom it may concern,
Thank you for incredibly prompt service, my item arrived 2 days after I ordered it online. Unbelievable!
Noah Ober - 7/24/2009

UPS just delivered the beautiful Salisbury Pewter Baby Cup. I'm very impressed with your prompt service! Thank you for expediting my order--but even so I didn't expect it to be delivered so quickly. The engraving is lovely and exactly what I had in mind. Again, many thanks for your assistance and great customer service! Mary Anne Koch - 6/26/2009

Thank you for being so prompted with my order. My husband loved it and I sent a picture of it with my phone to our son in Iraq and he loved it to. We were so proud to be able to give this to him on his special day. Thanks Again, Christie Lassiter - 06/17/2009

I received the cup today. Thank you so much for your professional integrity. I am sorry if I was at fault for the mix up. I am sure I will call on you again. It is rare to find a business such as yours. Vikki Ward - 06/17/2009

I wanted to let you know that we received the plate last week, and it is beautiful. - 06/16/2009

THANK YOU SO much for all you did on this order. The goblets were a HUGE success – and the newlyweds loved them! You can count on future orders from us! - 06/15/2009

The bowls just arrived and they look lovely! We greatly appreciate your effort to get them to us by today. And Sally looks forward to presenting them to her colleagues at a very special dinner this evening. Many, many thanks, Liz Flanagan - 06/01/2009

My son wrote that the package arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much for the excellent responses and effort put into this anniversary gift. Rose Dickeson - 05/26/2009

It arrived at 11:30 and it looks great. Again thank you for all your help. The 2 Star is very happy with it and we both feel the 4 Star will love it as well. Chris Davenport - 05/21/2009

The schnapps cups arrived yesterday! They are very nice & will make a beautiful gift. Can't wait to see the mug!
Thank You! Sincerely, Anne Ahlers - 05/20/2009

Thank you so much for the excellent customer service, quick shipping and great product. The flutes and tankards look fantastic!! The tankards are the perfect groomsmen's gifts, and the flutes will be our toasting flutes at our wedding!
Best, Jess - 04/13/2009

The tankard arrived and it is EXACTLY what I had in mind. Thank you very much for your helpfulness and for being so prompt. Jeannie Aiyer - 03/30/2009

Dear Tom, Thank you for both your kind words and your generosity. Both are deeply appreciated. Am presently in DC. where we are working with the recently wounded veterans from Walter Reade Hospital. We are teaching the dramatic monologue in hopes to begin the healing of PTSD. Very grateful for your support.
Your products are wonderful. Keep up the good work.
Gratefully, Rick, Curry, SJ - 02/09/2009

THANK YOU so much! I received the cup yesterday. That was quick" is an understatement. I can't thank Tom enough for his patience and for the time he spent with me during my decision process. He was very informative and provided just enough advice in helping me make the right cup choice. I am beyond pleased and thrilled with this gift. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from a new and future customer. Marlene G. Bould P.S. Thanks to Tom for expediting this order. I never expected to receive it b Christmas and the next day was unthinkable. - 12/19/2008

I again wanted to let you know the Chalis for the wedding was a hit. Everyone said how beautiful it was. Thanks again for a great job. Debbie Squires - 12/17/2008

Thank you so much for being so thorough with this. Your customer service is excellent. I appreciate it so much. I received the package today. Cara Waller

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received my order today. It is beautiful! It’s the perfect gift and the monogram turned out just perfect. Thank you for your excellent customer service, quality product and speedy delivery. I shall be calling you again.

I bought my daughter a cut crystal with high enamel candy dish a month ago as a house warming present. Just adored it!! Didn't have long to wait, the packaging was wonderful and the quality of the crystal...just totally beautiful. I will buy more items and refer other people to the company. Just wonderful.

The item I recieved was of very high quality. Even though I did not choose the gift wrapping option, it still arrived packaged very nicely.

I bought one of your Eagle Pewter Mermaid Tankards a few weeks ago and I just bought 2 more for gifts. The recipient raved about it and also about the workmanship. My husband saw it and although he has a pewter tankard, said he also wanted one. Im also sure my son will be very happy with his. Many people may not know but cold drinks especially ice water taste much colder in pewter and hot things stay hotter longer.I plan to order more in the future. Im so glad I found your company online. The service was very fast and it was packaged very well. The workmanship is outstanding and the price is reasonable. Thank you so much. Your company is how a company should operate, very efficiently.

great company to work with--they even called me when my shipment was going to be delayed one day--nobody does that these days--I will definitely order from them again

Great merchant. Will use again.

A very proffesional company and I will buy from them again.

Best customer service anywhere. I bought some pewter as a present and they sent it in unmarked boxes so my wife would not know it was pewter. Plus, they arranged so it would arrive on the day I was going to be home--had a few out of town commitments. BEST pewter and customer service to boot. Love them.

Thomas Dale Co. exceeded my expectations. After comparing with other online shops carrying the same merchandise, I concluded TDC had the best prices overall, the most attractive presentation of the products, the best website layout, and the most thoughtful staff overall. Im so very pleased with my purchase. I will definitely return to the TDC website to get more pewter items in the future.

I just received the bowl and it's perfect. The customer service that I received from your company was OUTSTANDING!
USAC gives pewter gifts to any employee who leaves after giving the company at least 4 years of service.
I'm placing your firm on our vendor list, so we can continue ordering pewter items when appropriate.
Thank you again!

Other than being a little pricey this was a delightful shopping experience. The purchase was exactly what I had hoped it would be so I guess you get what you pay for.

I received my order today and I am very very pleased with the quality of the merchandise. It will look great in my 140 year old house.

Ordered product came amazingly quick. No complaints.

Great service---great product

Excellent Order Processing and shipping. Exceeded expectations on delivery!

Excellent company to work with and excellent customer service!
I am a repeat customer and will stick with Thomas Dale.

I missed a coupon code when I checked out online, and they actually called me to ask if Id like to save 20% on my order. Im impressed!! Thank you.

Items purchased appeared smaller in actual size, however were of a very high quality.
Craftsmanship is outstanding.
/ BK - OR

Excellent merchant! The website is very easy to navigate and order from. My item arrived within days of ordering. Unfortunately, it arrived damaged. I sent an e-mail describing the damage, and a replacement was immediately shipped to me and arrived 2 days later, along with a return label for the damaged item. They also contacted me by telephone. I could not ask for better customer service and I definitely highly recommend this merchant and will shop with them again.

Everytime I order from this company, my order has been delivered the next day!! Dont know how they do it so fast.

The Thomas Dale Company is one of the best companies I have had to deal with. There are no delays or problems in ordering, shipping or customer service.
Shipping is free and they offer 10, 15, 20% off your total purchase price during this holiday period.
I can not find anything to give them a negative report on.
I highly recommend this company.

Beautifully, securely wrapped. A gorgeous piece of pewter.

Did not have the need to contact customer service, however the speed in which they processed and delivered my order (as requested to be in time for an anniversary gift) was indicative of great respect for their customers. Thank you....

I am very satisfied with the excellent service I received. The service was very fast and the pewter goblet and plate I ordered are beautiful.

Thomas Dale was such a wonderful buisness to work with. Like and Old Fashion care about the customer buisness. They were quick and curtious and seemed to really care about me and my order.

I have never done much shopping on the Internet, I have always been skeptical. This time, I decided to take a chance.
Before I placed the order for a Pewter Coffee Set, I made several phone calls. Tom was always helpful, pleasant and courteous. He let me know when the order had been placed and I was able to track the shipping date.
Part of my ordered arrived with an imperfection. Tom went above and beyond, he called the company and had a new tray sent out and the other one picked up.
I was really concerned because I needed everthing for the weekend for my daughters 25th Anniversary. The new tray arrived the next day.
Toms personal touch made my experience outstanding.

The product I ordered from this company is excellent quality peuter and is beautifully designed. It was received in a timely manner. Availability of the product was one item and I would like to have purchased two.
The box it was shipped in was crushed and taped poorly. Due to the fact that peuter is a soft metal, I feel more care should be taken in the packing of the products. The inside packaging was poor as well and allowed for the metal to get dented.
The product itself is in good condition and when purchasing peuter products, Thomas Dale is definately the place to shop.
(please if you ever receive a damaged parcel, call us immediately)

This company was fast with their service and delivery and a joy to work with!

They were very helpful in combining two orders and giving me the discount for the larger total.

Great products and fast service very pleased. thanks

It is 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, not even 24 hours since I placed my order for the pewter Residenz wine cup...AND IT HAS ALREADY ARRIVED!!!!!
I cannot tell you how excited and grateful I am for your prompt attention! My husband and I, along with another couple, are renewing our wedding vows in Kansas City with Archbishop Naumann this weekend, both of us celebrating 25 years of marriage. I wanted this cup as a gift for the other couple as a remembrance of this special event. Unfortunately I put it off too long, but YOU made it all possible!
Thank you SO MUCH! The chalice is simply beautiful and PERFECT!

The Gift Certificate Giver:
The receipent of the gift was extremely pleased with the product and the service.
The Gift Certificate Receiver:
A wonderful company to deal with online and very considerate!

Great service and quality products.

I bought a pewter butter plate and a small wine goblet for our church school classes, to use as a chalice and paten.
The items arrived very promptly, and we are happy with them. They are in excellent condition, as described. This is the second set we have purchase. The price is reasonable, a major concern for us as a non-profit.
My only concern is that they are not set up to invoice a nonprofit, so I had to charge my purchase to my own card.
Customer service was polite and appropriate.

Outstanding product and service!!

I was very happy with everthing. My father loved the stien very much.
Thank you for everything.

Wow! This is, without a doubt, the best customer service I have received from an online store.

I am a priest and I ordered some pieces to use as a communion set on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Since we are leaving in a few days I was hoping to have everything before I left. After I placed the order I e-mailed you to see if the order could be expedited. A representative called me the next morning and assured me that they would arrive in time. Everything arived with time to spare!

Thank you for the extra effort you take to help your customers.

Will shop here again!

I emailed with a question, they answered immediately. I really appreciate that.

Not that the customer service is outstanding, but this was my second online purchase from Thomas Dale, but not really.I was making the purchase on my mothers behalf (no internet) and having the merchandise shipped to me.
The order was confusing to customer service since I had just made my first purchase a month ago. Did the purchaser confuse the send to address with their address.
Customer service tried to contact the purchaser (my mom) and did get an answer, so they contacted me but were very discreet until I jumped in and explained the unusual circumstances. Talk about great service.

Great product and service!

Excellent product, excellent service. Thank you!

The merchandise arrived so quickly that it was a surprise.
The photos on the internet cannot match the beauty of the merchandise.
The price could be beaten only if you choose a foreign competitor, however the free shipping and quick receipt, truly made this the best buy.

The product was beautiful and the service was exceptional.
It was very easy for me to track the package and since it was sent to a different recipient, I even knew the time of day of the delivery. Thank you.

Thomas Dale Company was easy and fast. Quick reply and shipping. Would buy from them again.

Very beautiful piece, as described. Packed beautifully, arrived quickly and in perfect condition. A pleasure to do business with this merchant. Very satisfied.

Great products and the delivery was faster than expected.
Will continue to use Thomas Dale Co. in the future and will refer people as needed.

I could have not found a better company to do business with.They were helpful in every respect. My son- in-law works in Africa and needed a specific gift for his wife. They had the items, sent them promptly, we even had several telephone conversations concerning the product that reinforced my decision to purchase. All in all the Thomas Dale Company is a superior company that I will refer to many people.

Couldnt be happier with my product. Thank you!

This was my first purchase and you never know the first time out, but I was very pleased with the service and the items I purchased.
Also it was important to me that the email information (received order, shipment, etc.) came promptly, and kept me informed.
Thank You

I was impressed with the quality of the item. I would like the option for engraving.

This is a wonderful merchant to do business with. The transaction went smoothly and delivery was instant. They packaged the merchandise very well. I would do business with this company again.

I called the available phone number before I made my purchase, being a bit apprehensive about the quality without seeing it in person, but I felt reassured by the owner of what I was actually buying and the quality of the pewter. He is very friendly and knowledgeable!
Im not sure if it has been delivered though...
I will be visiting this sight again and passing it onto my friends.....

I had an excellent experience with this company! I purchased a Pewter Charger for my moms birthday, and delivery was very fast!! I even called to check if my online order went through (since I placed the order very late at night), and recieved a call back within hours to assure me that my order went through, and was also told when it was slated to be shipped.
Very professional and trustworthy company!
I highly recommend them.

Beautiful pewter goblets, well-made and carefully packed. We will be using them at our wedding, and they throughout our wedding trip!

The order arrived today - expertly (almost obsessively) well-packed, and with the contents in PERFECT condition.
The goblets are beautiful, and will make a wonderful- and lasting addition to our upcoming wedding.

I ordered a crystal compote (bowl) online for a gift and then left for the day. When I returned there was a phone message from the Thomas Dale Company questioning how I wanted the package sent. Since it was too late to return the call, I checked online and found they had chosen to send the package rather than wait, which pleased me very much. The bowl arrived two days later which is extremely fast for my rural area.
I was a little disappointed that the bowl in my opinion should have been heavier for the price, but the beauty and quality of the design made me feel it was still a lovely wedding gift.
It was very easy to browse the bowls and narrow my choices and then ordering was simple. I would recommend the Thomas Dale Company to any of my friends.

Beautiful, timely, well-packaged and good pricing. Thank you!

Very pleased, merchandise was as advertisied on the web, arrived nicely packaged in a short time, would recommend them.

Fast, efficient, freindly, no hassles.

This merchant is truly the best! My online experience could not possibly have been better. Not only is the merchandise excellent at a great price, but item was very carefully packaged and shipped out immediately upon receipt of payment. Communication was also great. I would not hesitate to order from this merchant again.

Fast, easy and no problem sale. Merchandise is beautiful. Thank you.

Just a note to let you know that I received the pewter flutes today . . . they are even lovelier than they were in the picture! I am very pleased with my purchase, and I will not hesitate to do business with you again. Thank you!

The Thomas Dale Companys pewter accesories are even nicer looking in person then in the pictures. The customer service there is a perfect example of how any company should treat their customers, they are both very polite and professional. In dealing with them though, you dont get that feeling that they are brown nosing. Which is something I hate the most.

The site was easy to use, quick and efficient. The shipping also was quite quick. The quality of the merchandise was superb. I will definitely shop here again, and look forward to new merchandise.

Should I have the need for another product offered by this company, I would not hestitate to order from them again, and would recommend the Thomas Dale Company to others. Thanks for the service.

The portrayal of the product was excellent. The delivery was very good. The web site was easy to use.

Very impressed with product. Pictures did not due the items I purchased justice. Im very pleased.

I wanted to thank you very much for your help and such a quick delivery of the crystal basket I ordered from you on Thursday. I received it already yesterday (Friday) afternoon, so I am ready to go to my friend’s wedding today and give them the present in time!
If I need any more Czech Crystal in the future, I will certainly order from your company!

I want to thank you for the manor in which my online order was processed and sent to me. Some times I think companies forget that the customer who shops from their website is just as important as the customer who enters their store.
You are to be commended for servicing the online customer in such a respectful manner.
Much success to you and again, "thank you".
By the way, the cups I ordered are just gorgeous!

I just received the steins. I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service and products. The Pewter Steins are magnificent and I know my wedding party will cherish them for life. Once again, thank you and I will direct everyone I know to your site and will keep it in mind for myself in the future.

(We do not ship overseas...however this soldier's request was the least we could do to show our gratitude).
Sir my wife received the vase yesterday in Germany. She loves it and I appreciate your service, thanks.

Let me put it this way... I ordered, they shipped, and they were delivered, all within five days. All the while, I received emails about the orders progress. There was even a hand-written note on the invoice, from the owner, congratulating me on my upcoming wedding! I even received a thank-you email for MY thank-you email! I would definitely use this merchant again without hesitation. Oh, and the pewter goblets are beautiful! Wonderful quality and detail! The most pleasant shopping experience out of my whole wedding!

All merchants should be as good as Thomas Dale Company. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend them.

This transaction was great. The product is top notch and shipment was super fast. Really apppreciated dealing with this company.

Beautiful merchandise! Their prices were lower than I found for the same items at other on-line merchants. I placed my order on Monday and had my order in my hands on Tuesday.
I would definitely purchase from them again and would highly recommend them to anyone.

(from a letter)
I am writing today to express my pleasure with your company in the areas of quality and service.
I have had many struggles with companies for failing to provide products as advertised, on time and in satisfactory condition. However, twice now your company has produced the desired results with time to spare. My singular call inquiring for more information was met with a courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant employee who was able to answer my questions to my satisfaction without struggle or hesitation. Your online ordering system was easy to navigate and the subsequent emails confirming my order, shipment and expected delivery were all on target.
I thank you for helping to make the gifts I am giving as wedding presents be products in which I can find pride, pleasure and be secure in knowing that the happy couples will cherish and enjoy your beautiful wares.

Thanks for sending out my order so promptly. I received it on friday and it is stunning. Thanks again.

I have no complaints with the Thomas Dale Company at all. My gift was received in a timely manner and the recipients expressed great delight with my purchase. I was sent several e-mails to keep me apprised of what was happening with my order. Beautiful selection of Czech crystal! I will likely make future purchases from this company.

I loved shopping at Thomas Dale Company & will do so many, many more times to come. Their products are worth their weight in pewter & people I gave the gift to loved it as well. Thanks

I was very pleased with the promptness in which I received my order and the E-mails telling me the status of it.

I was very pleased with the customer service of Thomas Dale Co. I had a question about placing an order online, so I emailed customer service and received a courteous response within 24 hours. My order was placed on a Thursday and I received my shipment on the following Saturday! The product was just as it was pictured online and was packaged very securely. I have already recommended this site to friends and will certainly place more orders with Thomas Dale Co. in the future. Thank you for a great shopping experience!

Their customer service was outstanding. I had a large order that came from out of the country. I was kept up to date as to when my order would be in and I experienced great follow up service.

My order was received yesterday. I ordered two very beautiful goblets from Thomas Dale for my renaissance wedding and they arrived even more beautiful than the pictures had shown. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the goblets, the service Thomas Dale supplied, and the friendly communication. They always got back to me promptly, answering every question I had, And Believe, you, me, I had a bunch of them. *Smiles* I highly recommend them to anyone looking for beautiful pewter barware or goblets for any occasion. They are so far the best place on the Net that I have bought from!! :)
Sincerely and happily yours.

Great price, free shipping, couldn't have been better service!! Thanks so much.

They were very helpful on the phone, willing to gift wrap for me and (thankfully) they did not include the receipt in the package for the gift wrapped articles (even though I did not think of this). Great service, I highly recommend them.

The stein was really excellent. -The Korean pewter is extremely well done - slightly different tone than the original German, we've found, but even heavier weight alloy. It makes excellent display pieces for our collection, so we're glad to have this nice one. We really appreciate your very superior packaging - that is so important. Thanks again, for a real bargain and we expect to do business in the future.

The shipment arrived unharmed, the product was better that I could have imagined. Will I shop Thomas Dale Company again, ABSOLUTELY!! I would certainly recommend you to my friends.

I received your package today and wanted to let you know my husband is so pleased with this beautiful stein. Thank you again for your wonderful service.

Wonderful Ebony Enamel vase. Thank you so much.

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