Woodbury Pewter Derby/Polo Cup - 20 oz

Woodbury Pewter Derby/Polo Cup - 20 oz

Item# W-68-20
Large Mint Julep Cup / 20 Oz. / 4.75"

This large derby / polo, mint julep cup boasts a generous 20 ounce capacity and is perfect for cold drinks.

Try the newest table presentation and slide a cube or two of ice in the cup and insert your favorite pint of ice cream (pints are typically 4" tall)... of course you may have to eat the whole pint as ... yes it looks that good.

Also, extremely popular for awards, presentations and for use as a small flower vase.
4 3/4 in. tall - 3 13/16 in. base - 3 15/16 in rim.
holds 20 oz.

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