German Wedding Cups

Congratulations you have reached on of the largest collections of German Wedding Cups on the internet.These German wedding cups were based on German lore and have become a German wedding tradition. The German wedding cup allows the bride and groom to drink their toast together, as the top cup swivels in the hands of the bottom cup. All German wedding cups come with an explanation of the legend of the cup and instructions on how to fill them.

Whether given as a Wedding Gift or Anniversary Gift, we have one we are sure is styled for your occasion.

Engrave the year on the top cup and the name of the bride and groom and their wedding day on the skirt.

Please note: If you wish your cup engraved, call us at 800-505-4148 M-F CST to place your order.
We get a number of these back to be engraved, as many engravers are not able to engrave them.

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